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Remember to renew your tribal ID and keep your enrollment file updated! Up-to-date records are essential for tribal administration, including announcements of important events and elections. Consequently, it is very important that tribal citizens notify the enrollment staff as soon as possible to report changes of address, name, and marital status, the birth of a child and of the loss of a tribal member. The enrollment officer’s regular hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 AM and noon. Please call ahead to ensure the office is open. Only enrolled members of Choctaw –Apache Tribe of Ebarb may receive a tribal identification card. The application fee for all new cards and processing fee for renewals is $10.00. To apply for Tribal Membership you must meet all eligibility criteria and will need to complete various documents and supporting evidence to the satisfaction of the Enrollment Department. You can download the enrollment form by clicking here. To request enrollment information by mail or if you have questions about your enrollment, please contact enrollment officer Nancy Sanchez at (318) 645-2588.