Rising Sun Youth Group

We encourage our youth to get involved with the Rising Sun Youth Group. Enrollment in Rising Sun is open to any Native American youth between the ages 5 to 19 years of age. The objectives of the Rising Sun are to:
  1. Instill a feeling of positive self-worth and esteem, to teach teamwork and for the rights and property of others.
  2. Promote native and community pride and to eliminate potential negative influences among our future community leaders.
  3. Instill a sense of pride in our culture and heritage, and build strong cultural ties that will support youth and families now and in the future.
  4. Provide a collective voice and represent the tribal youth in all matters that concern them;
  5. Serve as a means of mobilizing and coordinating the actions of youth; other community members and organizations toward positive goals;
  6. Promote the development of future tribal leaders;
  7. Help solve the problems facing tribal youth ;
  8. Coordinate school and community service projects and provide opportunities for the youth to interact for fun and fellowship.
Meetings are held monthly. For more information regarding Choctaw-Apache of Ebarb youth programming, contact the tribal office. To contact Rising Sun, send an email to risingsunyouthgroup@yahoo.com.