Steps To Nail Your Bridal Hairstyle With A Hair Stylist

Wedding plans? You’ve come to the right place. While your bridal hairdo might be the last thing on your mind, you’d be surprised by the number of steps that come along with it. You might be more worried about the location, dress, and jewelry on your big day, but trust me, your hairstyle is just as important. Bridal makeup is no simple feat and is something that must be done well in advance. Trial runs help you double down on your appearance and ensures that you don’t have to waste time on your big day.

empire bridal hair style

Here are some steps that can help demystify the bridal hairstyle process. While things are simple on the surface, your hairdo is something that requires planning and research to pull off. It’s better to visit Inland Empire bridal hair experts well in advance instead of approaching them on the day of your wedding. 

1 – Find the inspiration for your bridal hairdo

Scour the internet to find the ultimate hairdo. More than the best one out there, pick a hairstyle that suits you and the attire that you intend to wear on the day of your marriage. Pinterest is an invaluable tool that lets you collect designs and hairdos with its Boards feature. You might even find something that you can adopt permanently. But save it for later; what matters now is the memorable hairstyle you wish to don on your big day.

If your hair isn’t the right length for some of the more exotic styles that you may find, fret not. Clip-in extensions give your hair an entire range of possibilities that were unavailable to you because of the length of your hair. In case your hair was too short or too thin, this makes a world of a difference. 

2 – Pick the right bridal stylist

Now that you’ve decided on a style (or narrowed it down to a few), start hunting for the right bridal stylist for the job. There are plenty of salons that offer Inland Empire bridal hair services, but not all of them are the same. Some offer different services at an entirely different price bracket. Decide on a budget before finding services on the internet. You could ask married women in your extended family for recommendations as well. Once you’ve found a couple of favorable stylists with solid reviews, it’s time to narrow the list.

Run through their portfolio and see whether their services suit your needs and requirements. In case you have any queries, most services offer contact details on their websites or personal blogs. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that they need to have vacancies before your wedding date. This ensures that you can head to the salon for trial runs if needed. In case your bridal party wants to join in on the hairdo spree, the salon needs to equipped to handle such an inflow of customers. 

3 – Plan your trial run with the bridal hairstylist

 Work on these trial runs months before your wedding. Ask a friend or a relative to accompany you during these trial runs to get a better opinion that is unbiased in nature. Keep in mind what hair accessories you’ll be rocking on the big day as well. In fact, some salons lend you these very accessories so that you won’t have to go hunting for these separately. Pick flowers that go with your hairdo as well. Consult with your florist for advice.

Bring all the images that you’ve found from the vast expanse that is the internet. Discuss the feasibility of these hairdos with the bridal hairstylist and whether they’d suit you and your attire. Inform them of your hair accessories preferences as well. This ensures that you and your hairstylist are on the same page when it comes to your expectations. 

4 – The big day

Now that everything has been arranged, meet your hairstylist at the right time and you’re good to go. Sit back and relax as you get the hairdo of your dreams. Enjoy the day, now that everything has been taken care of. You’ve earned it.

Keep these steps in mind and you’ll sail smoothly through the biggest event in your life. Be at the top of your game with the help of an expert hairdo, curated just for you. Spring up for a talented bridal hairstylist today!